Dienstag, 21. September 2021

At Grafikwerkstatt Dresden - 4th and last Residence Project

At Grafikwerkstatt Dresden, Junghansstrasse 3, Dresden, Germany 13.09.21 - 20.09.2021

Yesterday I finish the 4th and last part of my residence projects. Very different to my performance video, video dance and photographic collaboration projects I made during my stay. The 4th part was a printmaking project. I created a series of abstract lino cuts with the working title Red Zen. 

I did the hand printing at Grafikwerkstatt Dresden (Graphic Workshop Dresden), Dresden, Germany. The workshop was founded in 1958 and is run by graphic artists and printers.

Thank you to the supervising team of Torsten, Udo and Peter for the tea

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