Freitag, 11. September 2020

Kollision der Künste - Collision of the Arts

Currently I am taking part at Kollision der Künste - Collision of the Arts
Kollision der Künste is a 10-day art project in which artists from various disciplines and international origins come together, live and work in Bischofswerda, Germany . 03.09.-13.09.20

There is currently a lot of discussion about how it is possible to revitalize rural regions. An important point here is the question of how the creative scene can be drawn into the small town and networked with one another. In order to counteract the politically precarious situation in the east of Saxony, Germany, the cultural revitalization of small cities is an essential concern. This is exactly where our project starts.
16 local and international artists from the region, will work and inspire each other together for 10 days. Different people, disciplines and styles will collide.
Until now I gave a short performance workshop for school children and finish one of my two side specific installations called "Dialogue"

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