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Made in Mind Series II

About Made in Mind Series II
20 July 2020,  5 pm  (Nepal Time) 
Mcube Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Made in mind is the invention of human dignity, human disparity, human perceptions and human nature. It is to bring all the different norms, values and expressions into one forum, to share artists’ expressive ideologies. This project is deliberated to create a dialogue among every human race to act upon and realize the fact of our presence in the world.
Living life without social engagement is tough to handle. As human we are social being. No matter how and what we perceive we always try to share to our loved ones in close contact. Social involvement is crucial to vent out different forms of emotions including frustrations, anxiety and depressions. As an artist, every individual intends to express his/ her stories and others stories. Everyone have different experiences to share and different stories to tell..
About my video “Black” A short metaphoric piece. It’s about death, isolation and the separation from life. As well a metaphor about the virus crisis situation nowadays humans and world is struggling with. How vulnerable we are and how related is everything between humans and their social and natural environments. To use the epitaph of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats "Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by! ". More is not to say.

About my video "VIEW" A journey, but not to faraway shores and horizons. It is more about a very profane and daily journey. Finally it goes about feelings, situations, encounters and relation between humans in a metropolis

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Video Black



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