Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2019

The HIT Festival - Norway’s first international festival of relief printing.

The HIT Festival (Haugesund Internasjonale Tresnittfestival) Norway’s first international festival of relief printing.

The Exhibition opens on Friday May 10th at 7 PM in Haugesund Billedgalleri
Mayor Arne-Christian Mohn will give the Opening Speech
Address: Erling Skjalgssonsgt. 4, 5523 Haugesund, Norway
The Exhibition will be open until August 4th 2019.

This time no performance or video works. It´s about my linoprints

The three selected prints belong to a small linocut series called black Zen matter.The subjects are based on strong Far Eastern influences and thoughts which are a direct result of my living and working periodes in Taiwan, China and India. As a result my prints and work under went a metamorphosis from colourfull figurative work to abstract, minimal works and motives with a limited use of colours. The distinguish characteristics of these prints in conjunction with previous works are , they are even more simplify , have a larger dimension and only use black ink and the colour of the paper. Like with all of work there is no direct interpretation. The prints have and offer more then one abstract ,metaphoric vision and interpretation of our environments we created by ourselfs and live in

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