Montag, 18. März 2019

III Bad Video Art Festival

III Bad Video Art Festival will be held in Moscow 21-31 March 2019 at Zverev Center of Contemporary Art.
Novoryazanskaya Ulitsa, 29 строение 4, Moscow, Russia, 105066

Curators of the Bad Video Art Festival Natalia Monakhova and Andrey Slaschilin propose to study extreme forms of video art. According to the curators, videos shown at the festival are at the intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema (B-movies, cult, camp, trash) but still have not been introduced as an independent category for profound studying. As the issues of quality and boundaries of art are of topical interest, it is necessary to single out certain video art works as bad videos or "B-videos". For the first time ever the conception of B-video will be presented to the public in the gallery in order to initiate a discussion and further studies.

My bad video "Dancing Pink" will be on screen 21st of March in the section "Fat" starting at 19.00 h

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