Samstag, 6. Januar 2018

New Website Art Projects

In the past two weeks I installed a new website under

This website refers exclusively to my activities and experiences as visual artist in the areas of:
Social sculpture, performance, workshops, school projects, lectures and collaboration projects.
In my work and projects, the boundaries are often fluid, for example, some workshops and school projects contain strong elements of performance, which can turn into collaborative work.
My work or projects in this area are based and reflect the concepts and ideas of social sculpture. The four basic elements of social sculpture are:
Body awareness, spatial awareness, creativity, cooperation
The presented works and projects have strong emphazie on  education, social and political areas and not only to artistic aspects.
The works and projects presented here have a strong connection to the areas of education .... therefore less purely artistic aspects are dealt with
The works and projects presented  have a strong connection to the areas of education, social and poltical issues. Therefore purely artistic aspects will be less  dealt with by the presentation

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