Montag, 18. September 2017

STARTAS ART FESTIVAL - Workshop/Performance Unfolding-Unwrapped

Startas Art Festival (Fall Edition)
21.09.2017 - 23.09.2017 (Festival)
17.09.2017 – 20.09.2017 (Workshop Unfolding-Unwrapped)
21.09.2017, 19.00 h - (Performance Unfolding - Unwrapped)
Culture Center Building and front square Culture Center
Rokiskis, Lithuania

Startas takes place for the first time and focus on Video Art, Video Performance, Dance and Performance.
In conjunction with the festival I conduct my Social Sculpture Workshop/Performance Unfolding / Unwrapping. Nevertheless this time the difference is that workshop runs over several days. At the present I am working with two small groups of student between 12-14 years old and 15-17 years old. The goal is to present with the participants a public performance using sequences from the workshop. The performance itself is planned for 21th of September in the evening at 19.00 h
However not everytime things go smooth and on the first day several problems occured. The group was relative large, but the main problem was the age difference between the students was to wide. Then further on, part of the students got wrong information beforehand about what the workshop is. So they felt a bit lost. I solve problems the following way. To the group of students who felt lost in the workshop I simply told them to feel free to come or to go. Afterwards I split rest of the group in two. One with younger students and another with older students.

Day one (17.09.17)

Day two (18.09.17)

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