Samstag, 4. März 2017

Reel on Hai Project / Installation Connection

Ongoing project since 16th of July 2016 until the start of the first Karachi Biennial, Pakistan, 22nd of October 2017

The Karachi Biennial Trust is an art platform that will host the largest international art event Karachi Biennial in Pakistan’s largest city in 2017. The primary aim of the Karachi Biennial is to take art out of the traditional gallery space and to celebrate the extraordinary talent of local and international artists with a larger public audience.
For this, the Public Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennial has invited artists, designers and architects to transform around 100 empty cable reels into art pieces. These projects will be installed in schools, parks, hospitals and universities all over Karachi where artists will work on site to engage the local community.
The project Reel on Hai has been in full swing since July 2016 and will run until the Karachi Biennial which will take place between 22.10.2017 and 05.11.2017

Installation Connection
About my installation for the project, which I created in the week of 27.02.2017 / 03.03.2017
In general my installations work has a tendency towards conceptual and minimal art but at the same time using often metaphoric symbols as well.. If it´s a outdoor construction the surrounding environment has lot of influence of the final outcome and design. Specially this installation differents at the end quiet a lot from the original plans.
The reels itself, the rope, the colours and the trees are metaphoric symbols for stability, preserve, connected and interwoven into environment, industry and society and the cable industry which laid one important base for Karachi's wealth
Location, Small Sculpture Park beside Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture ST-33, Block 2, Scheme 5, Clifton, Karachi 75600, Pakistan

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