Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Hotel Europa

Video Exhibition Hotel Europa


Open: Tue, Wed, Fri,   10.00 -18.00 h
          Thu                 10.00- 21.00 h
          Sat                  10.00 -17.00 h
          Sun                 12.00-17.00  h

Lange Straat 56
7511 Enschede, The Netherlands

Never before Concordia presented an exhibition with only video art. "We believe it is important to show the diversity of visual art. Video artists can put us in a world full of moving images and media violence, still show the beauty of this phenomenon. The aim is to draw attention back to the medium to film not only to use a subject, "says Petra Boonstra, programmer fine arts at Concordia.

My video works Definition II and Knife-Relation are presented in the exhibition

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