Mittwoch, 16. März 2016

Hier und Jetzt   (Here and Now)  Art Project 

Art project for children and young people created by Denise Dröge und Johannes Gérard

I and  Mrs. Denise Dröge, diplom theater pedagogue have teamed up and an developed an intercultural and interdisciplinary project  combining three art forms: LandArt / social sculpture, performance / video. Keywords are limits, here and now. The art forms interact mutually with each other and influence each other in the process. All three parts of the project are related to the local environment (social, natural, urban). The project has as target group  children / young people who are new in Germany and children / young people who live already in Germany. Through previous projects in Germany, but also abroad in countries like Taiwan or Peru, we have a good working experience with children and young people from different cultural backgrounds. 

Please note site is in German only. Thank you

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