Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

Ex Libris - Ex Erotic

9th International Ex Libris Competition - Ruse - 2013

Ex Libris = Bookmark. Marks the owner of a book

For ninth time the Regional Library L.Karavelov in Ruse, Bulgaria arranged a Ex Libris competition. This years theme was Ex Erotic. Ex Libris who focus on erotic motives. One of the hightlights was the Ex Libris Festival with the topic of erotic art in conjunticion with  Ex Libris. The library also publish a full colored catalogue of selected work from the competition.

Long time ago I created quiet a lot of Ex libris, but now I do Ex Libris only from time to time, using mostly digital graphic techniques. 
My work with the title Apple and decated to Sung Hsiu Chi was selected for the catalogue.

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