Montag, 27. August 2012

Creatives in Residence – Zhejiang 2012
From 5th of September until of 25th September 2012 I was invited at the artist/designer Residence of Sunhoo Industrial Design Park in Hangzhou, China. The aim of the residence program at Sunhoo Industrial Design Park is to become a space for artist and designers to go beyond cultural borders, acquire knowledge about materials and designs in Zhejiang, exchange their unique perspectives.

During my stay I created several in and outdoor installations made from material such as rocks, gravel, bamboo, rope and bricks.  As well I started two new photo portfolios where tehe main mtovives are based on chairs and stil lifes mde from ordinary daily used things.

I also gave presentation at the Chinese Art Academy in Hangzhou

                                                                                   Images installations

ew photo portfolio Silent Talking


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